REBEL bikes setup up a privacy declaration to show we take privacy very seriously. Below we describe how REBEL bikes secure your data. Every data we receive will be kept strictly save, will not be lent, hired, sold, and neither on a other way revealed. The infomation sent to REBEL bikes will be taken care of very seriously. The main target of the registration of the personal data is to sent through editorial and commercial information based on your personal wishes


Which data will be collected and where is it used for?


While visiting our webshop we will ask for your personal data sometimes, we do this to get in contact with you and be sure our messages will be as personal as possible. Personal data can include data like name, address, place of living, etc. Below we also describe the technical information (cookies and last used IP-adress) traced back to you. We use this information to inform you about your delivery, for sending a newsletter, for sending the order and to control the ending of an order correctly. 


Financial data (bank number, creditcard, etc.) will be used to forward this information to our "Payment provider", the intermediairy who finish the payment of the order. We are using the payment service of Mollie.


Which data will be saved?


We will ask you for the following NAW data:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-mail address 
  • Country
  • Address
  • Postal Code
  • Place
  • Telephone number

When you are going to pay there will be asked, depending on the chosen payment method, for your payment data by the payment provider.


We will save, except your NAW data, also the data from the placed orders, the payment methods and the last used IP-address. Log files will also be saved, these log files will be used to analyse problems (in case of failures) and to make sure which mail is sent on what time. These log files will be saved for a maximum of 3 months, after the 3 months they will be deleted automatically.




Cookies are little text files that are saved on your computer or mobile device when you visit We use cookies and your IP-address to recognize you and your preferences to fill in some data and settings based on your preferences from previous visitations.

Cookies collect information, that's why we mention the use of Cookies and ask if you agree the use of cookies. You can set the browser in such way to refuse the cookies, but this may affect the usability of some parts of our webshop. 

Which cookies do we use: 

Functional or necessary cookies

Functional cookies cause a good working webshop, like the shopping cart and the check-out.

Analytical cookies

With analytic cookies we collect statistics of the use of our webshop by the visitors with help from third parties (Google). By monitoring the usage of the website we are able to keep improving the webshop in the advantage of the visitor. 

Social network cookies

On our webshop we use some buttons to promote webpages on social media like Facebook. This buttons are working by pieces of code derived from the social media platforms themselves. Through this pieces of code cookies will be placed, we don't have any influence on this. Read the privacy declaration of these social media platforms to read what they do with the (personal) data received from these cookies.



Security is very important, we use SSL-certifications to set up a secured connection. You can recognize a secured connection by the lock located before the URL and the mention https://. We use login names and passwords, that will be sent encrypted and saved so we are unable to read them.

  • Insights, removal and modification
  • The customer is always able to request, to adjust or to remove personal data.

You are able to take a look or adjust a part of your data. We save your order as long as your account is active. You can indicate to remove your data (including orders), we will let you know short-term if your request (if juridical allowed) can be executed. Data below will be removed automatically:

  • Data from logfiles, every 3 months. 
  • Data of non-registered visitors/users, every hour. 

Information about the payment provider


Mollie B.V. Company identification number: 2062771


We use Mollie for our online payments, they use payment data and your e-mail address to process their and our administration concerning the payment through Mollie. We made a processing agreement with Mollie, in this processing agreement are strictly agreements described about the data they can use; payment agreements and E-mail addresses.